Friday Favorite: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip Balm

I am a sucker for lipsticks and have tried more brands than I can count. While shopping for a client at the Bobbi Brown counter, I saw these cute little tubes and was certain I needed another lip color or two. That’s like saying I need more shoes. But I digress.

Crushed Liquid Lip Balm is one of the newest additions to Bobbi Brown’s lipstick line and according to the artist at the counter, they’ve been flying off the shelves. In fact, the first color I looked at–Hippy Shake–was already sold out. But I am on the waitlist for one. Yay me!

I selected In A Jam (a great pinky mauve) and Big Apple (duh, because RED) and off I went. I’ve worn both this week and I’ve been pleased. It stays on like a lipstick but has a glossy feel and some shine. It’s like all you need in one tube! As it wears, your lips still have a nice color without that annoying ring around your lips. And my lips aren’t dry–woot! I am sure you could fill in your lips with a pencil to deepen the color or keep it on longer but I don’t think its necessary.

The tubes are $26 each and are sold online and in most department stores.

Happy Friday! xo

(I purchased the lipsticks–no compensation was given for my post)

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Becoming a Big Kid

This is an oldie but goodie—a blog I wrote on Max’s 8th birthday…9 years ago. Bless. It isn’t about style but it is about life. And love. And knowing there are amazing things ahead. Enjoy! xo, Laura


Max: Just so you know, I’m a big kid now because I am upstairs and because I have my own desk with my own stuff in it. And Mom, because I am in 2nd grade there are some little kid things I won’t like anymore.  Don’t be sad, you have the memories.

This is what Max imparted to me on the first day of second grade. Being upstairs is clearly a big deal at Christ the King School, along with having your OWN desk with STUFF. But what I love most is that he worried I would be sad as I saw him walk up the stairs. He was right, I was a little sad. Upstairs was a big deal for me, too. 

As I watched him haul his backpack up the stairs, walk to his classroom and find his desk, it seemed like yesterday that his tiny little body was laying in an incubator in the Mercy Hospital NICU…all 3.5 pounds of him. At that moment, when all I wanted to do was hold him, the thought of him bounding up the stairs to a second grade classroom might as well have been 40 years away. Yes, I knew he would eventually do that and much more but at that moment it was hard for me to imagine. I wanted to think of my baby as a second grader but the day to day hurdles were consuming me. I prayed every day for him to reach milestones so he could come home. And five weeks after he was born, he did come home. That was 8 years ago.

The memories of those difficult days of taking one step forward and two steps back can still come rushing at me when I least expect it. Especially on his birthday, which just so happens to be today. 

Happy 8th birthday, my sweet boy. You have blessed my life in more ways that I could ever have imagined. Your insight and humor amaze me every day. There are wonderful things ahead for you, Max, I just know it.


Friday Favorite: CupShe

As new a new lake-goer/boat owner, I decided I might need to step up my swimsuit game and have more than just one. We girls like options, you know.

I don’t even remember how I found CupShe. It may have been an ad on Instagram or Facebook but regardless I clicked through and found so many cute suits at VERY reasonable prices. I narrowed it down to four (also reasonable) added them to my cart and waiting patiently for them to arrive. Actually that is a big fib. I expedited. I pretend to be patient. It’s a fun game I play.

Mail day came and I was so excited—I love all four of them. Honestly, I was hoping that one of the four would be a hit but ALL four? Yay me! Sizing for bathing suits can be tricky but I found these to be true-to-size and for the price, I think the material is good quality and the fit is great. No one loves a swimsuit that doesn’t fit, am I right?

Here are the pictures of my four new suits: (photos courtesy CupShe)

In The Forest One Piece, $25.99 Did you know a deep V suit is perfect for those of us who are short waisted? It elongates you!

Rainbow Bridge, $25.80 Another deep V, I loved the colors on this one, so bright and happy.

Sweetheart Solid, $30.99
I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t love.

Sea Side High Waisted Tank, $31.99
The high waisted bikini is HOT this year. The scallop adds a feminine touch, plus a solid black suit is so classic.

So if you need a swimsuit or four, check out


Happy Friday!




(PS – I wasn’t compensated for this post or given the bathing suits, just sharing something I love!)

No More Shifting Gears

When I started Styled by Laura I thought of it as strictly a styling business—showing women the possibilities right in their own closet, create outfits they love and feel good in, maybe styling a photo shoot, a little personal shopping here and there.

Then there was my Stella & Dot business—seven successful years of sharing accessories with thousands of women, helping them find pieces they love and will wear.

Then I fell in love with Pure Barre and became an instructor. I certainly didn’t need more to do but the idea of guiding women to feel strong and confident through an amazing workout program—I couldn’t resist.

These three things fill my cup but I was treating them like three different areas of my life. I felt like I was shifting gears ALL. THE. TIME.

Enter this beautiful new logo designed by Rachel Leslie of Polka Square. I AM IN LOVE. My challenge to her was to convey fun, stylish and joyful. And did she ever! It captures my style perfectly—the colors, the font, the message. And those three little color bars just might be my favorite part.

The more I looked at this beautiful logo, the more I realized that shifting gears could go right out the window. Styled by Laura can be all the things I love–creating outfits, choosing accessories, sharing a healthy/active life–empowering women to live the life they want to live. Why think off all these things separately—they are all a part of me, what I love, what makes me tick. Now, they make up Styled by Laura.

Whether you want some new outfits, a pair of earrings, advice on what to wear to an event, or you want to come join me for an amazing workout at Pure Barre Nichols Hills, I’ve got you covered.




Let’s Shop Your Closet, Shall We?

Thanks for stopping by! If you saw the article in 405 Magazine I’m hoping my services made you think “hey, she might be able to help me.” I promise I can!

Whether you need a closet overhaul, ideas for shopping your closet, a special event outfit or or all of the above, I’m your woman.

Shoot me a quick email, tell me about yourself and we can chat. I can share names of my clients and I’d be happy for you to visit with them so you can be fully aware of how I can make getting dressed easier and more fun for you.

Again glad you stopped by!


“You Have Cuter Things..”

That’s my new motto. I tried it out on my friend Mandy when we overhauled her closet and it helped her put things in the bye,bye, bye pile. I fully adopted it last week when I was working with Lori. (Side note…Lori knows Mandy. I heart referrals, FYI.)
Lori works in a corporate environment but can dress business casual. She shared with me that she always dresses for the job she wants, not the job she has. So smart. Lori had a great base to work with but had LOTS of clothes. In my opinion, this is the number one thing that causes stress when getting dressed. You feel overwhelmed reach for the same pieces over and over. Some pieces, Lori admitted, she’d had for quite some time (very common) along with clothes she hadn’t worn in years (also very common).
We started with sorting and piling and laughing, “you mean you don’t think this is awesome?’ she asked me. I love a good sense of humor about an embellished t-shirt. As she contemplated keeping something that just didn’t work anymore, I used my line: “you have cuter things” and into the pile they went. It’s like magic, I tell you.
Once her bed was full of clothes ready for a new home, I started putting outfits together. This, my friends, is what I love the most. Mixing and matching, creating new combinations, maybe even pushing the comfort zone just a little bit—pattern mixing can have that effect, I’ve decided.
After three hours, there were lots of empty hangers, many new outfits and a manageable closet for Lori that allows her to see what she has. “There is actually space between my clothes,” she said. A few days later she sent me a picture of how she organized her shoes.  I love that our morning of reorganization motivated her to continue to make her closet a place that doesn’t cause her stress.
Enjoy a few pictures of what I put together–all from Lori’s closet!