No More Shifting Gears

When I started Styled by Laura I thought of it as strictly a styling business—showing women the possibilities right in their own closet, create outfits they love and feel good in, maybe styling a photo shoot, a little personal shopping here and there.

Then there was my Stella & Dot business—seven successful years of sharing accessories with thousands of women, helping them find pieces they love and will wear.

Then I fell in love with Pure Barre and became an instructor. I certainly didn’t need more to do but the idea of guiding women to feel strong and confident through an amazing workout program—I couldn’t resist.

These three things fill my cup but I was treating them like three different areas of my life. I felt like I was shifting gears ALL. THE. TIME.

Enter this beautiful new logo designed by Rachel Leslie of Polka Square. I AM IN LOVE. My challenge to her was to convey fun, stylish and joyful. And did she ever! It captures my style perfectly—the colors, the font, the message. And those three little color bars just might be my favorite part.

The more I looked at this beautiful logo, the more I realized that shifting gears could go right out the window. Styled by Laura can be all the things I love–creating outfits, choosing accessories, sharing a healthy/active life–empowering women to live the life they want to live. Why think off all these things separately—they are all a part of me, what I love, what makes me tick. Now, they make up Styled by Laura.

Whether you want some new outfits, a pair of earrings, advice on what to wear to an event, or you want to come join me for an amazing workout at Pure Barre Nichols Hills, I’ve got you covered.