Friday Favorite: CupShe

As new a new lake-goer/boat owner, I decided I might need to step up my swimsuit game and have more than just one. We girls like options, you know.

I don’t even remember how I found CupShe. It may have been an ad on Instagram or Facebook but regardless I clicked through and found so many cute suits at VERY reasonable prices. I narrowed it down to four (also reasonable) added them to my cart and waiting patiently for them to arrive. Actually that is a big fib. I expedited. I pretend to be patient. It’s a fun game I play.

Mail day came and I was so excited—I love all four of them. Honestly, I was hoping that one of the four would be a hit but ALL four? Yay me! Sizing for bathing suits can be tricky but I found these to be true-to-size and for the price, I think the material is good quality and the fit is great. No one loves a swimsuit that doesn’t fit, am I right?

Here are the pictures of my four new suits: (photos courtesy CupShe)

In The Forest One Piece, $25.99 Did you know a deep V suit is perfect for those of us who are short waisted? It elongates you!

Rainbow Bridge, $25.80 Another deep V, I loved the colors on this one, so bright and happy.

Sweetheart Solid, $30.99
I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t love.

Sea Side High Waisted Tank, $31.99
The high waisted bikini is HOT this year. The scallop adds a feminine touch, plus a solid black suit is so classic.

So if you need a swimsuit or four, check out


Happy Friday!




(PS – I wasn’t compensated for this post or given the bathing suits, just sharing something I love!)